5-Year Hardware Warranty

We have updated the warranty on our hardware and it is decidedly pro-customer. In the electronics industry, a 1-year warranty is the norm today. This was our old policy as well, but it doesn't support our vision of keeping electronics out of the landfill. So we are upping it to 5 years! We would love to hear about more electronics manufacturers who are supporting a 5-year (or longer) warranty. It's a pretty short list so far:

Please send any others to info@bcdevices.com

On a related note, Europe has recently mandated a minimum warranty period of 2 years. So if you produce an electronic device and you'd like to have a globally consistent warranty, a warranty of at least 2 years appears to be in your future.

The best way to reduce e-waste is to make better stuff that lasts longer. We are committed to doing this ourselves and helping other companies along the same journey. It's a net positive for customers and the environment.

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