You don't have to visit your CM anymore.

We created a better way to flash and test hardware.

Eliminate waste.

Our mission is to leverage the power of IoT to eliminate waste and make a more beautiful world. Our efforts since 2003 have led to building our own IoT device which streamlines firmware flashing and test automation in production environments. Our Production Line Tool has eliminated millions of miles of business travel to "help get the line set up" at contract manufacturing sites globally.

the ultimate
Production Line Tool
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A Streamlined
In-Circuit Tester
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You're in good company. Our clients include global leaders in their respective industries: apparel, automotive, electronics, food, healthcare.

Modern tools for IoT product manufacturing.

IoT experts.

Having worked on prestigious IoT projects for many fine companies since our founding in 2003, we have learned what works and what does not. We built the tools we wished we had when we started.

Speedy setup.

Our tools are all designed to be acquired and set up quickly. Our PLTs are standardized so they can be stocked. Our ICT fixtures have a 1-week turnaround time. We know that every day before you can ship and generate revenue matters.

Give your CFO a high five.

Electronics factories have been oddly resistant to modernizing and complex, overpriced systems remain the norm in most large CMs. Our tools are a refreshing alternative that cost a small fraction of the status quo. Our PLT is 1/10 the cost of traditional systems.