Hardware flashing and testing can be cost-effective, powerful, and eco-friendly.

Blue Clover Devices provides you with the powerful hardware testing equipment and manufacturing services you need to accomplish your business goals while creating an eco-friendly planet.

Leading the Electronics Industry Toward a Waste-Free World

Innovation-Driven Hardware Testing Equipment

PLT: Production Line Tool

The world’s first cloud-native hardware test automation device.

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ICT: In-Circuit Tester

The ICT-100A is a simple box with vertical arms supporting a toggle clamp.

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Flash & Test Kit: PLT + ICT

Ready to start flashing and testing your firmware?
This launch kit has everything you need to get started!

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Log important data to the cloud, which can then be accessed instantly—anywhere, anytime.

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Modern tools for IoT product manufacturing

IoT experts.

We’ve collaborated on countless IoT projects with a broad range of clients — and we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. That experience has allowed us to design the tools we wish we had when we started.

Speedy setup.

We know that every day lost before you can ship is just more revenue down the drain. That’s why our tools are all designed for quick, easy setup. Our PLTs are standardized, so they can be stocked, and our ICT fixtures have a 1-week turnaround time.

Give your CFO a high-five!

Electronics factories have been oddly resistant to modernizing. For most large CMs, complex, overpriced systems remain the norm. Our tools are a refreshing alternative that costs only a small fraction of the usual price. In fact, our PLT is 1/10th the cost of traditional systems.

Other ways Blue Clover is shaping
the hardware testing culture space for the best

Internet of Things

IoT is the future of tech, and Blue Clover is using it to revolutionize hardware testing.

An active community

Our diverse and ever-growing community of engineers and tech enthusiasts is always available to help you and answer your questions.


Blue Clover pioneered the PLTcloud to help clients perform essential tasks such as real-time report generation anywhere, anytime—complete with airtight security.

We Are Trusted by the World’s Most Innovative Leaders

You're in good company. Our clients include global leaders in a wide variety of industries, including apparel, automotive, electronics, food, and healthcare.
Connecting the Dairy Farm to the Production Line Tool

“The PLT is continuously proving to be a reliable and flexible tool for the in-circuit testing, firmware deployment, and device provisioning of our product. The PLT offers the ability to deploy test plans and view measurement data remotely. This means we can fine-tune test criteria from the comfort of the office, or in our case: the dairy farm.”

Alec Lilley, Electronics Design Engineer at Halter
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