Our clients trust us to ensure their loT-enabled products can withstand the elements. Everything we make for the outdoors is IP-rated and tested for all weather conditions, making them as reliable as they are environmentally conscious.

Compology R11 Sensor

Compology is an IoT hardware startup based in San Francisco.  They observed a lot of waste in the waste management industry and designed a system to reduce it.  On the front lines are camera-based sensors that are beyond rugged.  You can find YouTube videos of a garbage truck driving over one of the sensors without breaking it.  They are designed this way because they live inside dumpsters 24 hours a day, sending image data back to their servers to optimize the routes of the waste hauling fleet.  BCD builds the 2nd generation of this product which has stereo vision, half the weight, and significantly lower cost than generation 1.



Edyn Water Valve

Combining data from the Edyn Garden Sensor and your local weather, the Edyn Water Valve uses connected technology to generate a customized irrigation schedule. This smart and sustainable watering tool completes Edyn's gardening system, but will work with and above-ground irrigation setup, or on its own. Featuring a solar panel and IP-47 waterproof rating, the Valve has an immersion protection depth of one metter. It also supports firmware upgrade OTA (over-the-air), which means it can upgrade via wireless connection as new software is introduced.



Zon Technology


Based out of sunny Los Angeles, Zon Technology saw the need for convenient outdoor charging as their chance for innovation. With an IP-Rating of 55, the world’s first solar-powered umbrella is specially designed to handle a spectrum of challenging outdoor conditions. This sophisticated hand-crafted appliance features a battery capable of simultaneously charging up to three iPads at once, so you can work or play on your connected devices while you enjoy the sunshine.




Roscoby Sports Camera
Riser Cam

This extremely rugged camera can be mounted directly on youn bow, allowing you to record right onto its removable SD card.
So durable it can withstand the 200G shock of a compound bow, this hands-free device is for the hunter who wants to capture crystal clear release and impact without any distractions. Composed of polycarbonate overmolded with TPE, the Riser Cam features a combined use power and recording button for maximum functionality.