Cable & Pcba

Made with a careful selection of materials and processes,and then assembled with our world-class equipment,our high-performance cables and PCBs are built to last. Undergoing multiple conformance tests ona100%basis,we always ensure the quality that defines us as THE loT ODM.


Lightning Cables



At BCD, we believe a mobile device is only as good as its cable. A cheap or poorly-designed cable is not only an annoying inconvenience, it can pose a threat to the device it's charging, or even to its user. For these reasons, we insist on the highest level of engineering excellence with every single product.




PCBA Assembly

We apply these same rigorous standards to our PCBA. Our fully owned Shenzhen factory is equipped with the highest-quality manufacturing machinery, including our YAMAHA YS12 Surface Mounter, which boasts the smallest PCBA capability-0201 components and a throughput of 36,000CPH.