Why I love Shenzhen

I just got back from Shenzhen. Going there is always invigorating because time and again I am inspired by its ingrained can-do spirit for building hardware. Here is an example: about a month ago we decided to move forward with a new state-of-the-art Yamaha SMT line for assembling PCBs. Our Operations Director gave Judy and me a detailed action plan:

1. Make sure the floor can support the equipment

2. Cut hole in the building (we are on the 3rd floor and the equipment won’t fit in the elevator)

3. Build enviro-controlled room

4. Install equipment

5. Assemble boards with it

If I were doing this project, I would have come up with a 50-point plan and we’d still be discussing it. Thankfully for everyone involved, I am not. We arrived on a Friday. On Saturday, a crew knocked out the wall and two of our beavers slept there to be sure nobody broke in. A roller door was neatly installed Sunday. On Monday two of the walls to the room went up. A few days later a crane brought in the reflow oven (pictured above).

You get the idea. It happens fast. I am confident that the whole line will be up and running beautifully in June.

Shenzhen remains a magical place for putting hardware together and we feel privileged to earn our place in this ecosystem. If you want to make good IoT hardware, call us at 415-521-1553 and get to know THE IoT ODM.

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