Simplify, Then Add Lightness (Packaging)

This was an expression by Colin Chapman, the founder of Lotus Cars. We took this wisdom to heart with the package design of our flagship product, the PLT-300A.

This test equipment costs $1,999 and is shipped globally so we could not ignore the need to protect it. But our previous package design was complicated and ripe for improvement. Our old packaging was 1.36 kg and our new packaging weighs only 0.75 kg. This is a 44% reduction. We shaved off 0.61 kg (more than 1 pound!). This saves material, money, and carbon emissions. It takes up less space in our factory to store the materials, is easier to pack, and is easier for customers to unpack. Kudos to our Engineering Department for this undeniable improvement.

Old Package Design


New Package Design

The choice of material is also important. Our packaging is paper-based so that it is easier to recycle. We are even migrating from plastic sealing tape to paper tape and are looking into alternatives to clear PP bags and film pallet wrap. The number one rule of package design should be "Do not use styrofoam". While cheap and light, it is horrible for the environment because it is practically impossible to recycle and it occupies a lot of space. In other words, using styrofoam inflates our landfills. 

Here are two packaging companies that are developing eco-friendly packaging options:

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