Marching into Spring

Despite it only being March, 2020 has already proven to be an eventful year for Blue Clover Devices. Right as our teams in America and China began celebrating Lunar New Year, Covid-19 took us for an unwelcome ride.

Understanding the gravity of the situation, our CEO and Co-Founder, Pete Staples made the decision to prepare in the case that we would need to postpone reopening our Shenzhen office. Ultimately, we (along with many of our neighbors in Shenzhen) extended the office closures weeks beyond the typical Chinese New Year celebration period.

Our SZ office sat empty for weeks longer than anticipated.

In the manufacturing business, unplanned office closures are detrimental blockers and many job functions cannot be done from home. But obviously, health and safety comes first. Afterall, one of our core values is to Succeed as a Team!

Despite all the uncertainty, our brilliant and hardworking Shenzhen beavers were able to organize and work remotely until we reopened. Wayne Wei, our ITS administrator, made sure everyone had all the resources they needed to work remotely. Meanwhile, our Director of Operations, Lucy Liu, took charge and did everything in her power to ensure that we could safely continue onsite operations. Lucy worked with Shenzhen city officials to develop a health and safety plan as well as prepare our office site for audits.  

Lucy, our marvelous Director of Operations, back in the office on reopening day!

The hard work of our Shenzhen beavers paid off and we were able to open again on Monday, February 24th!

We're back in business! Our Chinese beavers are holding signs that roughly translate to: "Starting work with good luck"

Here are our beavers starting work (with Ben adorned red envelopes, of course!):

In case you're wondering about the envelopes, it's a tradition in China to receive red envelopes on the first day back from the Lunar New Year holiday. This cheerful tradition seemed especially necessary after this bumpy start to the new year. Ultimately, we are very fortunate that none of our Shenzhen beavers have been affected by COVID-19, but we're still monitoring the situation and won't be completely relieved until everyone, even non-beavers, are safe from this epidemic.

Until then, our plan is to stay strong and March towards spring! Thanks to our team's hard work, we were able to finish our shipment despite delays:

Container party photo of shipment #000210

As all of these things are happening, the best thing we can do is bring our collaborative spirits, stay smart, and help each other stay safe. We're planning to flourish in 2020 and help others along the way!

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