It Works Or We Fix It Free

We must give Zippo credit for coining the common sense warranty above.

The challenge we face is that we have a product that relies upon dynamic pieces of software that grow as hardware technology evolves. A Macintosh SE30 may still power on today but today's MacOS simply cannot run on this piece of legacy hardware. Our Production Line Tool runs PLT-OS which includes the Linux kernel which itself evolves over time. It's possible that in 10 years the Linux kernel will not work on our current hardware no matter what we do as a company. On the hardware side of things, components routinely are declared "EOL" or end-of-life by their manufacturers, which eventually makes them impossible to purchase. We want to offer a lifetime warranty but it is not obvious how to do it.

It does seem sensible to offer a buyback program so that if a piece of hardware we sell reaches obsolescence, we help you along in getting a new model running an up-to-date version of PLT-OS.

Do you have a suggestion about how we can honor the spirit of a "lifetime warranty" while acknowledging the real world landscape of the electronics industry? You may start a conversation at

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