Considering THE IoT ODM

IoT Is Changing the World as We Know It

IoT, or the Internet of Things, is a market on the verge, and technology this revolutionary demands an infrastructure that matches it in innovation. To capitalize on this potential, forward-looking hardware brands recognize they need a new approach to design and manufacturing. As the lines between the “real” world and the Internet continue to blur, partnering with an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM)—which features IoT design and manufacturing in-house—is the key to participating in this future of connectivity. From smart thermometers to connected cars, these products and services represent a market poised to explode.

Adapting old design and manufacturing infrastructures is the defining challenge of this new paradigm. By their very nature, many IoT startups are operating with small teams and limited resources, making them ill-equipped to design and manufacture these products on their own. Add to this the dynamism of the IoT market, and you start to get an idea of the difficulties that hardware brands face as they look to the future. The risk of developing an idea for a new IoT device and investing the money and resources in a prototype, only to find out a competitor has already beat you to market, is all too real.

Why Should My Business Partner with an IoT ODM?

As a single stop for IoT design and manufacture, an ODM like Blue Clover Devices is a resource that has a lot to offer traditional hardware brands looking to move in a more progressive direction. Entering into a partnership with BCD is a strategic choice with many benefits:

  • IoT ODMs are a different breed: unlike most traditional ODMs, we are equipped to integrate advanced software with top-quality hardware during production.
  • Combining product design with manufacturing optimizes both processes, making IoT ODMs by our very nature more efficient and cost-effective.
  • An IoT ODM like Blue Clover Devices can provide design for manufacturability (DFM), an engineering discipline that is crucial for cutting costs.
  • This optimization means that your IoT product gets to market that much faster, giving you an edge in the already highly-competitive IoT arena.
  • Partnering with an IoT ODM frees hardware brands from time spent in product development and manufacturing, meaning brands can allocate these valuable resources elsewhere.

A recent report by Ericsson indicates that by 2020, IoT devices will outnumber people by seven to one. For startups limited by time and resources, the complex process of design and manufacture can become a burden, but Blue Clover Devices has the expertise and resources to bring your product to market quickly and efficiently.

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