Blue Clover Joins Climate Neutral

Inspired by our client, Nomad Goods, we decided this year to become Climate Neutral Certified. This organization was set up a few years ago by the co-founders of Peak Design and Biolite to give companies a more streamlined way to measure, offset, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It works! We found the process to be efficient and impactful. Frankly, we had no idea where to begin to measure our environmental impact and Climate Neutral gave a simple checklist to get a handle on it. They are a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and their program is not designed as a lure for lucrative consulting contracts. The participating companies share ideas in their Slack workspace on how to do better and we enjoy being a part of this community. For example, we are working with other companies who are using aluminum in China to identify suppliers we can share who use recycled aluminum.


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