Hardware Launch Kit

Hardware Launch Kit


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This kit is useful if you already have hardware on hand and you want an easier way to access the test points on your board and connect other devices (such as our PLT) to them. It is essentially an in-circuit test (ICT) fixture without any computing power inside it. When you order this kit, you will send us the design file of your board so we can build a custom pogo pin cassette to hold your board in place for testing.  Using the breakout board, you can connect your new ICT fixture to your own machines or computers.

This kit comes with the following: 

  • ICT-100A Chassis
  • Pogo Pin Cassette (PPC)
  • ICT Breakout Board
  • PLT Cable Pack (8-Wire Power Cable, HD-78 Cable, USB-C Cable)

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DDU from Shenzhen.

Hardware Launch Kit includes:
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