The 2nd generation of Production Line Tool designed for Linux device programming and testing

Program your Linux or 32-bit device - use JTAG, SWD, UART, USB or directly flash microSD cards, verified support for loads of MCU targets.

Programmable power to your device under test (1.8V, 3.3V, 5V, variable up to 24V).

Digital multimeter (DMM) functionality controlled by software.

Production Line Tool for Linux (added on 9/16)

Aircraft-grade aluminum enclosure - tough, lightweight, and highly recyclable.

PLT-OS is hardened Linux distribution, purpose built for the production line.

Secure connection to your cloud backend via PLTcloud.

General Specification

  • Programmable power supply to 24V
  • Program MCUs via JTAG,SWD, UART, USB
  • Micro SD card flasher
  • Measure voltage, current, resistance, capacitance
  • UART communication
  • BLE Low-Level(LL) and GATT commands
  • CAN bus communication
  • 1 TB solid-state drive (SSD)
  • Cloud-based firmware deployment
  • Automated cloud reports
  • Barcode scanner support
  • NFC tag writer support
  • Label printer support
  • HDMI display port
  • Firmware programming
  • Device provisioning
  • In-circuit testing
  • Finished goods testing
  • Production logging


Input power: 100~240VAC,50-60Hz
Supply Voltages: 1.8V,3.3V, SV, Variable 1.5~24V(up to 2A each)

Electrical Measurements

The PLT-300A can connect with up to 45 analog test points (13 are directly connected to the multimeter circuit and the rest are routed through MUX circuits to the multimeter).

Measurement Range Accuracy
Voltage -10V~10V +/-5%
Current 0.2μA~2A +/-5%
Resistance 0.1Ω~60MΩ +/-4%
Capacitance 1pF~66mF +/-5%
Frequency 0.1Hz~66MHz +/-2%
Firmware Programming
  • ESP32
  • nRF52
  • nRF91
  • STM32

Comprehensive supported microcontroller list can be found in the PLT Support Center(

Logic Measurements

The PLT-300A can connect with up to 48 digital test points (15 are directly connected to the internal processors and the rest are routed through MUX circuits).

UART Testing

  • 2 UART channels
  • Speed: 300bps ~ 1Mbps
  • Flow control: Xon/Xoff, DTR/CTS

Supported Label Printers

  • Zebra GX430t
  • Zebra QLn220

Refer to PLT Support Center( for a complete list of supported label printers.

Rear Connectors

  • AC Power - IEC 320 C13
  • SWD - 6-pin TC2030-IDC
  • DUT Power - 8-pin Molex Micro-Fit
  • DUT Signal - HD78
  • CAN bus - 2x wire terminal
  • USB Peripherals - 4x USB-A
  • Ethernet - RJ45 Cat6a
  • Display - HDMI

CAN Bus Testing

CAN Bus standards are supported by the PLT-300A:

CAN 2.0A 11-bit
CAN 2.08 29-bit
IS0-11898-1 -
IS0-11898-2 1Mbps
IS0-11898-3 40kbps - 125kbps
IS0-11898-4 -
IS0-11898-5 1Mbps
IS0-11898-6 1Mbps

IMPORTANT NOTE: Additional test points and test capabilities can be accommodated via customized pogo pin cassettes.


PLT-300A includes a Secure Element to protect the integrity of the connection with PLTCloud. All communication with PLTcloud, including the deployment of firmware and reporting of test results, are protected using TLS1.2 mutual authentication.

Supported Scanners

  • Zebra (Symbol) LS2208 (1D)
  • Zebra (Symbol) LS4208 (1D)
  • Zebra (Symbol) DS2208 (2D) Micro-Fit
  • Zebra (Symbol) DS6708 (2D)
  • Zebra (Symbol) DS8108 (2D)

Refer to the PLT Support Center ( for a complete list of supported scanners.

Dimensions & Weight

  • 2U format for rack mounting
  • 355mm x 251mm x 87mm (feet add 14mm to the height)
  • 3.2 kg (4.7 kg with cables and packaging)

Front Connectors

  • USB Peripherals - 2x USB-A
  • SD Card - microSD push-push slot


Package includes PLT-300A, AC power cord,Cat6 ethernet cable.