PLT Demo Board

PLT Demo Board

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The PLT Demo Board (now on version 2) is used to verify various features of the PLT. It looks like a Raspberry Pi because we used the same form factor to make use of the Pi accessories out there. This board fits perfectly in the official Pi 4 case and you can power it through the USB-C connector. This board is 100% open source and registered with OSHWA.


  • Nordic nRF52832 BLE system on a chip
  • Temperature and humidity sensor (Sensirion SHT30-DIS)
  • Accelerometer (Bosch BMI270)
  • 4 Individually addressable RGB LEDs (APA102C)
  • Solid state piezo buzzer (Murata PKLCS1212E4001R1)
  • USB-C power connector
  • 2-pin Battery connector
  • 6-pin Tag Connect footprint
  • 2 Pushbuttons
  • PLT Tested via underside test points