With connected technology, quality of life is only limited by our imaginations. BCD helps our clients enhance everyday objects with cutting-edge loT capability, empowering their users to leverage valuable data toward self-improvement.


iHome SmartMonitor

This clever device includes a suite of sensors and can report directly to the cloud over your home WiFi network.  The SmartMonitor is HomeKit compliant making it visible within Apple’s Home app as well as the iHome Control app.  You can monitor sound levels, light, motion, temperature, and humidity with this compact unit.  BCD did the PCB design, firmware, CAD, tooling, testing, and mass production of the complete product.





Droplet - The Smart Reminder
Droplet Life

Droplet is the smart reminder with countless applications. Users attach this wireless button, which is monitored by a smart hub, to an object and then tap it when they complete their task. The button has a 100-foot range, and its energy-efficient BLE (Bluetooth low energy) connection saves on overall battery life. Users can organize and track their tasks with Droplet's easy-to­use iOS app.



9 Month Up, 9 Month Down

9 Months Up, 9 Months Down

The brainchild of 9 Months Up, 9 Months Down, Strollometer’s ground-breaking design earned it the JPMA Innovation Award back in 2005. Capable of measuring the speed, distance, and duration of a workout while pushing a stroller, this wireless sensor gives parents the data they need to get back into shape while spending quality time with the new baby.