Precision Cable Assembly

Changing the tech world with quality cables

At Blue Clover, we don’t believe in following the pack. “Dare to Innovate” is one of our core values, and we’re constantly pursuing new ways to eliminate waste. We apply this philosophy to everything we do, including designing precision cables.

Modern Design

When new connectors were built to reduce space in smartphones and improve reliability, we rose to the challenge and added cable manufacturing to our portfolio.

We didn’t look like other cable factories, though. We saw plenty of capacity out there for pulling the raw conductive wire, and we decided to focus on the tricky parts of the assembly: the dozen or so invisible steps to terminate the cables with ever-more complex connectors. Today’s cables are devices in their own right, with ICs that communicate with the devices they’re plugged into.

This is the only way to reach the data and power transfer requirements demanded by modern infrastructure. That’s the kind of cable we produce.

Optimized and Affordable

In our exploration of how to produce the best cables, we test mountains of manufacturing equipment. We often find that the most expensive equipment is more precise, easier to maintain, and more durable. But why should only the highest price tag meet the highest standards?

We run the same products through multiple production lines with subtle differences so we can experiment and optimize for quality, speed, and cost. We choose equipment that fits within the footprint of our standard “A1” tables which are 1m x 0.7m in surface area.

In our quest to modernize cable assembly we have acquired the know-how, the equipment, and the systems to make superb cables in a cost-effective way.

Quick, Clean, and Quiet

Our ultrasonic welding equipment is from Switzerland and is extremely quiet, unlike other machines we considered. We don’t believe that manufacturing should be noisy, confusing, and dirty—and we won’t let it be.

Purposeful Automation

We use robots and lasers to perform steps that would be problematic for people to do on their own. We don’t believe in pushing automation for its own sake, though. Instead, we treat our equipment as nothing more than high-performance tools to help our team produce more efficiently. At the end of the day, it’s all about the people.

Precision Cables You Can Count On

We test every single cable we make, and we’ve never received a single defect from the field. This speaks to our “Quality First” mindset—which is just another way we eliminate waste. We know that cables provide a critical link in the systems where they are used, and we treat them with great care. If you’re looking for a dependable manufacturer of precision cables, you’re looking for Blue Clover Devices.

  • Wire-cutting
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Jet dispensing
  • Injection molding
  • Hot bar welding