PLT Tech Specs

The Production Line Tool (PLT) streamlines firmware flashing and test automation during production.
We designed the PLT to serve the needs of developers throughout the product life cycle. After an IoT device is designed and validated on a PLT, identical boxes are sent to the production line for programming and testing. The development team can see direct results from the production line and stay ahead of issues that delay the product build.
In addition, we have ICT-100A testers to help you start the test as quickly as possible. As each item comes off the line, you can use our PLT and ICT solutions to flash firmware, test boards, and collect data.

MCU Support
The PLT can be used to program/flash on-board MCU or MCU RAM. Programming can be done via SWD, ISP, UART, or JTAG.
For a complete list of supported MCUs, please consult the PLT support center. We are constantly expanding the list, and we would be happy to take a look at your product.
Power and Relays
Power Control

The PLT-200A can power the device under test with either 3.3, 5, or 12 Volts at up to 2 Amps. The voltage and current provided to the PLT can be measured during test plan execution.

Short Control

The PLT-200A can short a test pin with ground, VDD, or another test pin.