The PLT is designed to serve the needs of developers throughout the product life cycle. After an IoT device is designed and validated on a PLT, identical boxes are sent to the production line for programming and testing at manufacturing scale. The development team can see results directly from the production line and stay ahead of issues that delay the product build.

In addition, we have ICT-100A tester to help you start the test ASAP, you can use our PLT and ICT solutions to start flashing firmware, testing boards, and collecting data as each item comes off the line.


MCU Support

PLT can be used to program/flash on-board MCU or MCU RAM. Programming can be done via SWD, ISP, UART, or JTAG.

For a complete list of supported MCUs, please consult the PLT support center. We are constantly expanding the list, and we are happy to look at your product to assess the possibilities.

Power and Relays

Power Control
The PLT-200A can power the device under test with either 3.3, 5 or 12 Volts at up to 2 Amp. The voltage and current provided to the PLT can be measured during test plan execution.
Short Control
The PLT-200A can short a test pin with ground, VDD or another test pin.

Electrical Measurements

The PLT-200A can perform several electrical measurements of up to 45 analog test points.

Measurement Range Accuracy
Voltage 0-12V +/- 0.1V
Continuity <1Ω, >1MΩ -
Impedance 470Ω - 2KΩ +/- 5%
Current Draw 20mA-2A +/- 5%
Frequency 32.768kHz, 8MHz 200ppm

Logic Measurements

The PLT-200A can measure and test up to 48 logic test points.

UART Testing

The PLT-200A allows testing UART interactions with the DUT, at speeds up to 1 Mbps.

  • Speed: 300bps - 1 Mbps
  • Flow Control: Xon/Xoff, DTR/CTS

CAN Bus Testing

The PLT-200A allows testing CAN interactions with the DUT, at speeds up to 1 Mbps.

CAN 2.0A 11-bit
CAN 2.0B 29-bit
ISO-11898-1 -
ISO-11898-2 1Mbps
ISO-11898-3 40..125 Kbps
ISO-11898-4 TTCAN
ISO-11898-5 1Mbps
ISO-11898-6 1Mbps

Bluetooth LE (BLE) Testing

The PLT-200A allows testing Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) interactions with the DUT.

BLE 4.0 - Supported
BLE 4.1 - Supported
BLE 4.2 - Supported
BLE 5.0 - Supported
GATT - Supported
GAP - Supported

WiFi Testing

The PLT-200A allows testing 2.4GHz WiFi interactions with the DUT.

802.11 2Mbps Supported
802.11b 11Mbps Supported
802.11g 54Mbps Supported
802.11n 600Mbps Supported
802.11ac 1300Mbps -
802.11ad 7Gbps -
802.11af 569Mbps -

Barcode Scanning

The PLT-200A allow barcodes (EAN-13, QR, Code 128, UPC) to be scanned using a USB-attached barcode scanner.

Symbol LS2208 1D
Symbol LS4208 1D
Symbol DS4208 2D
Symbol DS6708 2D
Symbol DS8108 2D
Symbol DS9208 2D

Label printing

The PLT-200A allows labels to be printed using a USB-attached label printer.

Zebra GX430t medium-sized; benchtop
Zebra QLn220 small; portable


The PLT contains a Secure Element to protect the integrity of the deployment process.

  • FIPS 186-3 ECDSA
  • FIPS SP800-56A ECDH
  • NIST Standard P256 Elliptic Curve

All Cloud communication, including deployment of firmware and reporting of test results are protected using TLS1.2 mutual authentication.

Flash Firmware

Deploy your firmware remotely and know exactly what is programmed into each board. Firmware handoffs have plagued manufacturing for years, but now there is a better way.

Hardware Testing

Automate testing with software instead of modifying complex operator instructions and hardware configurations. Need to add a test? Add a line of code.

Launch your
Product Faster

Markets don’t wait and the PLT helps you set up and expand production more quickly with consistent results.

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