Faster Firmware Flashing

The PLT is the modern way to flash firmware on the factory floor. Spend less time worrying about logistics and more time writing firmware. The PLT is a tool designed to help firmware engineers remotely deploy their firmware to the production line, accurately program devices, and securely log reports to the cloud (allowing secure and instant access to valuable data).

Wide MCU coverage to support developers from all industries

From prototyping to mass production, the PLT is here for you

You won’t have to worry about things like the logistics of handing off firmware to your CM because you can just send it straight from your lab to theirs. PLT and PLTcloud give you information instantly.

Use a PLT in lab to quickly flash firmware and run live tests Send a PLT to your CM to get data from test results Use the PLT to program boards during production and get live notifications via Slack Proto 1 DVT Proto 2 PVT EVT Mass Production DEVELOPMENT LAB CM

Remotely deploy your firmware

How it Works


Program your device with desktop PLT in debug mode.


Deploy release to your CM from PLTcloud.


Watch live reporting from the production line in Slack.

Firmware YOUR Way

Time Saving

Spend more time coding, and less time worrying about operations logistics

Secure Firmware

Rest assured knowing your firmware is safely stored and deployed

Consistent Traceability

Know exactly where and how everything is happening with live test reports