PCB Assembly

Quick, precise, quiet.

At Blue Clover Devices, “Quality First” and “Get Things Done Quickly” are two of our core values. To support our clients’ needs for reliable and quick PCBA, we built an in-house SMT workshop from the ground up.


BGA Diameter

Min = 0.18mm


Min = Length 0.4mm * Width 0.2mm

PIN Space

Min = 0.4mm





Secure Firmware Uploads

The PLT is programmed using PLTcloud, a secure cloud platform where engineers can upload all their firmware iterations. From there, our Shenzhen team can use the PLT and ICT fixtures to flash the firmware files onto the boards.

Live Test Reports

Additionally, PLTcloud lets our clients view their test reports in real time whenever they want. Test reports let developers know if their firmware was properly uploaded onto the board under test, as well as if an individual meets all requirements. 

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