PLT - Faster PCBA Tester

World's first cloud-native hardware test automation device. A modern way to flash firmware on the factory floor!

Application Area

contains function test & electric parameter test & reliability test.

PCBA Programming
The PLT can program a wide array of different MCUs such as Nordic, NXP, Cypress, Espressif, SiliconLabs, STM, Texas Instruments, Microchip. 
Programming can be done via SWD, ISP, UART, or JTAG.

How It Works


Program your device with desktop PLT in debug mode.


Deploy release to your CM from PLTcloud.


Watch live reporting from the production line in Slack.


Production Line Tool
- PCBA Tester

The Production Line Tool (PLT) is the world's first cloud-native hardware test automation device. The PLT includes :

  • a power supply to power your device;
  • a programmer to load firmware via SWD, JTAG, or UART;
  • digital multimeter functionality;
  • a hardened Linux computer running PLT-OS which is already configured to work seamlessly with PLTcloud.
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In-Circuit Tester
- Flexible Fixture

The ICT-100A is a box with vertical arms supporting a toggle clamp.
To perform in-circuit testing on a customized Printed Circuit Board (PCB), the ICT-100A hosts a custom-built Pogo Pin Cassette (PPC).

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Logic Measurements

The PLT-200A can measure and test up to 48 logic test points.

UART Testing

The PLT-200A allows testing UART interactions with the DUT, at speeds up to 1 Mbps. Speed: 300bps - 1 Mbps Flow Control: Xon/Xoff, DTR/CTS Use this advanced section to build your own layouts or to add custom HTML or scripts.


Wide MCU coverage Support
Whether you're working with Nordic's nRF91 to build an asset tracker to Cypress's PSoC 4 for the next healthcare wearable, we've got you covered.
The PLT can program a wide array of different MCUs.
To see a full list of the PLT's supported MCU families, visit our MCU Partners Page.
Firmware YOUR Way
The PLT lets you develop firmware using the techniques you're accustomed to.
  • JTAG
  • UART
  • SWD
  • Open OCD
  • Power and Relays
  • Power Control
  • The PLT-200A can power the device under test with either 3.3, 5 or 12 Volts at up to 2 Amp. The voltage and current provided to the PLT can be measured during test plan execution.
  • Short Control
  • The PLT-200A can short a test pin with ground, VDD or another test pin.
    Electrical Measurements
    The PLT-200A can perform servral electrcal measurements of up to 45 analog test points.
    Measurement Range Accuracy
    Voltage 0-12V +/- 0.1V
    Continuity <1Ω,>1MΩ -
    Impedance 470Ω-2KΩ +/-5%
    Current Draw 20mA-2A +/-5%
    Frequency 32.768kHz, 8MHz 200ppm

    Why PLT?

    Flash Firmware Faster

    Streamline Hardware Testing

    Launch your Product Faster

    Remote testing and flashing

    Lower Cost

    Consistent Traceability

    About BCD

    At Blue Clover Devices, our mission is to leverage the power of IoT to eliminate waste, and make a more beautiful world. This means we provide cutting edge tools and services to help our clients get things done quickly without wasting precious resources.

    We began in 2003 as an electronics design house with the simple mission of designing great products. In 2006, we opened our own factory in Shenzhen to give ourselves the freedom to innovate where others hadn’t. We continued honing our processes to eliminate waste and provide the best value for our clients.

    These efforts culminated in 2018, when we released the Production Line Tool (PLT), a cloud native hardware test automation device. We have since supplemented the PLT by redeveloping ICT fixture production methods to reduce the amount of waste, cost, and time typically required to build a bespoke tester. Today we are proud to offer modern tools and services to help our clients launch their hardware faster.

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