Firmware Development

Specializing in connected devices.

We made a point of becoming experts in everything related to producing excellent IoT products. Today's devices are more sophisticated and have more complex firmware, so we invested a lot in firmware development. In a world with constantly changing standards for design and development, our clients know they can rely on us to provide top-tier firmware development services. Our San Francisco-based development team can develop, test, and deploy firmware for a variety of microcontrollers, wireless SoCs (system on a chip devices), custom peripherals, and sensors.

We have a wealth of experience in developing products utilizing a variety of wireless technologies, including Bluetooth Classic, BLE, WiFi, Zigbee, and global cellular 4G/LTE bands. Recent projects have included custom firmware for nRF52, nRF91, and STM32. We have contributed to the Zephyr Project code base as well.

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