Some of the most respected names in the auto industry have trusted Blue Clover Devices to bring their products into the connected world. With our expertise, our partners - who have included Ford, Volkswagen, and Audi - have been able to integrate groundbreaking IoT products with the vehicles that define them as the leaders of their field.


iPod Adapter
Audi of America


In 2010, BCD and Audi of America teamed up to build a custom iPod solution for their official aftermarket sales channel. Following the success of the Volkswagen iPod kit, this device meets not only the exacting quality specifications of BCD, but the peerless compatibility and reliability standards of Audi. Users can enjoy its advanced audio capability while benefitting from the safety and convenience of seeing the song, album, and artist into right on their stereo display.


Isa iPod Adapter
Volkswagen of North America


The Isa iPod Adapter is the official solution for the factory car stereo market in North America. Meeting all of Volkswagen’s demanding standards of reliability and audio quality, this adapter box features a 30-pin cable for optimal connection and charging. Once mounted behind the dashboard, you can enjoy all your audio content from the car stereo interface with your eyes off the iPod and on the road.


Direct Connect


Brandmotion’s iPod solution allows you to access your full playlist through your stereo’s controls. Recharge your iPod while enjoying your audio content through the Ford radio interface. Safely alternate between music, podcasts, and audiobooks without taking your attention off the road.



Clear Connect


Guidepoint, a leader in GPS-based stolen vehicle recovery systems in the US market, has recently added location-based concierge and emergency assistance to its suite of services. The clear connect is a multipurpose product that combines the GPS module, Bluetooth technology, and instant access to the Guidepoint support center for a comprehensive safety and security solution. This interface has a spectacular OLED screen to display caller ID information, as well as buttons for answering calls and direct dialing 911 or the Guidepoint concierge.